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Underground utilities are the silent, unseen heroes of our urban landscapes, providing essential services that power, connect, and sustain our communities. As experienced utility contractors, R. Gass and Family Contracting, recognizes the critical importance of utility infrastructure. With our specialized equipment and vast experience, we facilitate utility line installation, maintenance, and repair throughout Ocean, Monmouth, and Burlington counties. When you choose R. Gass and Family Contracting, these vital systems are installed properly and efficiently. Ensuring reliable and safe utility services for our clients is our top priority, making us a trusted name in underground utility projects.

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Over the years, R. Gass and Family Contracting has grown not only in size but in expertise and reputation. Our founder’s lifetime in construction, coupled with our inception in 2017, has honed our skills specifically in underground utilities. Our team is familiar with the unique challenges presented by New Jersey’s urban and municipal demands. This familiarity, combined with our cutting-edge machinery, ensures that our public infrastructure receives precise, efficient, and long-lasting utility solutions. With our thorough site assessments and robust safety measures, you’re guaranteed a best-in-class service.

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Underground utilities refer to water, sewage, gas, and electrical systems installed below the ground. They are crucial for delivering essential services to properties without obstructing the landscape.
Yes, our services are tailored to both residential and commercial clients. We adapt our approach based on the specific needs of each project, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.
We specialize in the installation of various utilities, including water and sewer lines, electrical conduits, and communication cables. Our expertise covers a wide range of underground infrastructure. Contact us today for a quote!
Trenchless installation is a method that allows us to install or repair underground utilities without the need for extensive excavation. This minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment and reduces costs.

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