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Land clearing is a meticulous process, essential for new construction projects. At R. Gass and Family Contracting, we specialize in effectively and completely clearing vegetation and removing trees right down to the stump, ensuring the terrain bears no obstacle. We even go the extra mile by grubbing the soil so invasive plants stay away for good. Drawing from our founder’s lifetime immersion in construction and our company’s dedicated years since 2017, and a fleet of top-of-the-line land clearing equipment, we bring expertise and precision to every project. Serving Ocean, Monmouth, and Burlington counties, we guarantee land clearing that adheres to the highest industry standards across New Jersey.

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When it comes to land clearing, understanding the nuances of the land is crucial. With R. Gass and Family Contracting, clients get the advantage of our deep-rooted experience in construction and excavation. We not only clear the land but also engage with our clients, walking them through every step. This ensures they are comfortable, informed, and confident about the outcomes. Coupled with our dedication to quality and our keen understanding of the specific requirements of each site, we emerge as the go-to choice for lot clearing in New Jersey.

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Land clearing is the process of removing trees, vegetation, and debris from a piece of land to prepare it for construction or other land development activities.
Land clearing is essential to create a level and debris-free site, making it safer and more accessible for construction equipment and workers.
Yes, we offer land clearing services for both residential and commercial properties, tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each project.

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