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Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Services

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R. Gass and Family Contracting, LLC. offers all types of services in NJ, PA, NY, DE, SC, and FL. Services include land clearing, demolition, underground utilities, excavation, grading, riding arenas, building pads, forestry mowing, dozer services and much more.



Riding Arena

We use a dual slope laser grader attached to our Skidsteer for extreme accuracy on all of our arena grading. We also use a single drum vibratory dirt roller for perfect compaction on our base materials and sub base. No job too big or small. 


Laser and GPS Grading

Whether you have a small or large area that needs to be precisely graded, our laser and GPS grading systems can handle all of your projects. From small pad sites and driveways to large warehouse pads, we work with precision and accuracy to make your project a lasting success. This equipment is essential in our day to day operations.  

  • Laser: Works with either open sky or blockage (e.g., over hanging trees) of the open sky. It builds flat, level, or sloping surfaces, but not complex surfaces. It has an effective operating range of about 1,500 feet, and can build surfaces without a 3D model.

  • GPS: Works only with an open sky without overhead blockage. It builds flat, sloping, and complex surfaces. It has an effective range measured in miles.


Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a more efficient method of removing vegetation.  The brush, trees, and grasses are turned into mulch on the spot rather than hauling away the fallen trees and branches. Forestry mulching is generally used to clear and manage the vegetation in a wooded area, controlling the spread of invasive species, and restoring wildlife health. And also helps in the prevention of wildfires.

Forestry mulching converts the leftover vegetation in an area like brush, trees, short grassy foliage, and heavy branches into a natural, environmentally friendly top-layer of ground covering. Commonly known as mulching, the process eliminates the need for multiple machines such bulldozers, excavators, tree shears, wood chippers, grinders, and hauling equipment. Instead, with forestry mulching, a single machine is used to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth and saplings, leaving behind a shredded blanket of mulch. This protective layer of organic material is left to break down and be reintroduced into the soil, making it richer and more fertile. The biodegradable top-layer (mulch) becomes a natural protective barrier over the soil that stabilizes the ground, prevents erosion, and encourages native plant growth.


Agricultural Fencing

Fencing is essential in most agricultural settings whether it be deer fencing to keep the deer out of your crops, livestock fencing to keep your animals contained, a border fence to mark your property boundaries or fencing a riding arena. We offer a variety of fence types and all of our posts are driven with a post pounder rather than an auger to keep your post firm in the ground. 



From small outbuildings to commercial and industrial structures, we’ll completely tear down any development—including removing the foundation. We have heavy equipment ready to roll, to make quick work of even complex teardowns. We’ll take your building from standing, to rubble, to flat earth quickly, so you can progress with the next phase of development.


Dry Lots

Dry lots play a key role in rotational grazing systems. They are an area for providing shelter, hay, feed, water and access to adjacent paddocks and pastures. These areas are also built with our automatic laser grader for proper water run off and are typically built with stone dust or equivalent material for compaction. Dry lots are an area to house horses when pastures need rest such as when most of the pasture has been grazed to 3 to 4 inches or during the winter when pasture is no longer growing. Dry lots also provide space and turnout for horses with metabolic syndrome that cannot safely graze pasture due to the potentially high nonstructural carbohydrate content of grass.


Excavation Services

Excavating contractors are responsible for creating a construction project’s site. They literally lay the groundwork for the project, turning an empty field, abandoned lot, or existing building into a bustling construction site.

From clearing the site to digging the building’s foundation and utility lines, excavation is one of the first physical steps on a construction project. But excavating is much more than just digging holes and moving around dirt. The excavator plays a vital role in the success of the construction project and the long-term functionality of the completed project


Hydroseeding typically consists of applying a mixture of seed, wood fiber, fertilizer, and stabilizing emulsion with hydro-mulch equipment, which temporarily protects exposed soils from erosion by water and wind. Hydroseeding is applied on disturbed soil areas requiring temporary protection until permanent vegetation is established or disturbed soil areas that must be re-disturbed following an extended period of inactivity. 

Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, brush, stones and other obstacles from an area as required for land improvement or construction projects.

Sometimes, you have a patch of land that you want to begin using. Other times, when you’re in the beginning stages of a construction project, you need to clear land for the foundation of the buildings being erected. For a homeowner land clearing is geared towards making use of property previously unusable.

For farmers, land clearing can be used to prepare the land for crops, clearing brush, trees, rocks, removing stumps, and smoothing out large holes.




“Great company to work with! Ronny was great with communication and worked with us to stay within our budget for repairing our horse arenas.
He and Franky were professional, made quick work of our rings, and were an absolute pleasure. I cannot say enough good things about my experience!”



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